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See How Chad Can Help You ELEVATE Your Life! 

Elevate, Transform &
Advance your Lifestyle

 The Freedom Entrepreneur™. Money Expert. Family Man. 


Hi! I'm


Founder of  PACIFIC CAPITAL, a fiduciary wealth advisory firm dedicated to serving ultra-high-net-worth entrepreneurs and their families, elevating their lifestyle freedom and growing their wealth for generations to come.


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4x Best-Selling Author

Navigate your path to financial prosperity and lifestyle freedom.

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Great Parenting Insights 
& Wealth-Building Tips


Podcast on Apple Worldwide

for Parenting, Kids & Family

Listen and follow "Smart Money Parenting Show" for great parenting insights and family success tips from my experience as a father of 5.

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The world’s first gamified banking platform for kids

and teens. Empowering

future generations with financial competency.

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Engage your audience with insights on wealth building, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and Smart Money Parenting.


Dan Sullivan, Founder and President of The Strategic Coach Inc.

“As an entrepreneur who's been driven to create massive amounts of success and freedom, Chad will help you achieve the lifestyle shifts you want to keep maximizing yourself, both personally and professionally."
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​"Financial freedom is less about financials and more about  freedom. There is no limit for entrepreneurs with a growth mindset."


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Stay Ahead of the Financial Game with My Exclusive Insights and Tips.

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